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Information for Field Day!

We are excited to be having our second field day (5 year anniversary as a shop)! Please come and help us celebrate it! We will be doing a little more low key from last year, but still having events with teams (Teams of 3) with prizes to be won! Hamburgers and hot dogs are provided! We are doing sides potluck style so please bring something to share if you can!

This years field day will be more on the laid back side, (no bouncy house this year, but still plenty of chances to have fun and get hurt!) The extra money that we would have spent on this years field day we feel is being better spent by donating it to help out the families that have been effected by the hurricanes down in Houston and Florida.

When: Oct. 1st @ 1pm (field day games starting at 2pm)

Where: Shelby Park Shelby Wind Mill Hill Shelter (Purple pin below on map!) The easiest entrance from either Electric Ave or Eastside Ave. 

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Ian White