Our Mission

To provide a safe place for both artist and client to enjoy the world of tattoo art.

Ian White Nashville tattoo artist

Safe House Tattoo Studio began in 2012 with the simple goal: To be home for dinner every night, which is why we close earlier than the average studio. My initial intent was to open a private studio, but I discovered fairly quickly that I risked becoming artistically stagnant if I didn’t surround myself with other likeminded tattooers on a daily basis. So we went from Ian White Tattoos to Safe House Tattoo Studio in October 2012.

"Safe House" is a reflection of my initial intent to create a safe place for myself and whomever walked in the door or sat in our stations. That aspect of the shop has grown and evolved over the years. We want our clients to feel safe, heard, and confident that we will be present with them throughout their tattoo experience. We also want our staff of artists to feel safe, heard, and confident in the environment provided for them to create within. We hope that the freedom and comfort that our artists feel is passed on to you as the client.

  • Ian White, Owner